Back to the Future: The Official Hill Valley Cookbook Review

What do you get when you combine my two favorite things; Back to the Future and Food? You get the Official Hill Valley Cookbook.

I recently picked up this book, and it’s better than I even imagined. It was amazing to see actual recipes for specific foods that we’ve seen in the movie. I also love the recipes that are influenced by events and moments from all three of the iconic movies.

If for some reason you’re not up to speed with Back to the Future, you’ll want to check out my article all about the movie, and the 21 things you probably missed in.

This will be a quick review of the perfect book if you are a foodie who even remotely loves Back to the Future.

The Official Hill Valley Cookbook

There’s a lot more that connects food and Back to the Future than you realize. A lot of key scenes and moments are connected to various food items. Consider some of the following:

  • The Uncle Jailbird Joey Cake
  • The Baines family dinner meatloaf
  • The Enchantment Under the Sea punch
  • The Pizza Hut dehydrated pizza

This book is an awesome collection of recipes of things you’ve seen in the movie, along with Back to the Future inspired items like Hoverboard cookies:

Who Put Out The Official Hill Valley Cookbook?

This amazing book is brought to us by Insight Editions. They also brought out one of the best books I’ve seen this year that you can check out on Amazon: The Ghostbusters Art Book. (honestly, this thing is STUNNING.)

Allison Robicelli wrote the Official Hill Valley Cookbook, and it has 65 different recipes throughout it created by Matt Robicelli. They divide the book into 5 chapters:

  • 1985
  • 1955
  • 2015
  • Alternate 1985
  • 1885

The book is a legit cookbook and provides a list of different tools and techniques you will need to make the dishes and become a better cook while doing so.

It teaches you things such as how to brown meat properly and even to make the perfect citrus peel zest.

The Official Hill Valley Cookbook also has a ton of great Back to the Future trilogy pictures, and contains some insights into each era it covers,

Some Recipe Examples

I haven’t been able to cook many of these for myself yet, but the first one I had to make was the Hill Valley Clocktower inaugural chicken fry. This follows a traditional fried chicken recipe and was honestly outstanding.

There are dishes that are influenced by the movies, and then there are the ones that are taken straight from the movie. The best example of this is the Uncle Jailbird Joey cake.

I love that this is the exact cake that everyone who has seen the movie already knows.

The one amazing thing I didnt think would be included is the actual “Wake up Juice” recipe that is used to revive Doc back in 1885. Here are a few of the ingredients used to make it:

  • Worstischire sauce
  • horseradish
  • hot sauce
  • whiskey
  • cayenne pepper

This is only for the adventurous! Speaking of drinks, here’s the actual punch recipe for the Enchantment Under the Sea dance:

Wrapping it Up

The Official Hill Valley Cookbook is an easy decision if you love Back to the Future and food. It’s the perfect gift for someone who is a fan of both—and that would like something unique.

I love how the book ties all of this together and is honestly great as just a Back to the Future book in and of itself. The pictures and info are awesome, and there’s a full tutorial on how to host your own movie marathon, complete with food.

If you want to check it out on Amazon, just check out the link below: